Several original watercolors that were used as small plates in the book "Atlas of Soil Profiles" by W.L. Kubiëna
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Watercolor # Drawing 1 Drawing  2 (and, in case, 3)
Watercolor images VII Alpine Hamada Rawmark (alpine hamada raw soil) below Festuca duriuscula on graphite sericite phyllite (Veleta, Sierra Nevada, 3740 m, Spain). Lime Crust Yerma (lime crust desert soil) above loose marl. On the surface a lime crust fragment with endolitic lichens. On the left fissure filled up with eolic sediments with the formation of a surface rind.Scanty desert vegetation in fissures, in the picture Anabasis articulata (Beach of San Juan, Alicante, Spain).
Watercolor images VIII Tundra ranker below Empetrum nigrum on aplitic injection gneiss (Liinahamari, Finlandish polar sea coast). Eilagranker below Poa bulbosa on granite (Guarramas 2240 m, Sierra de Guadarrama, Spain).
Watercolor images X Tangel ranker below germinating Sarothamnus purgans on gneiss (Maliciosa, 2000 m, Sierra de Guadarrama, Spain). Podsol ranker below Calluna heath on quarzite (Cordillera Cantábrica, Asturias, Spain, of 1700 m).
Watercolor images XI Alpine pitch rendzina below moist Firmetum on limestone (Hochkönig, Salzburg, 2300 m, Austria) Grey alpine cushion rendzina below Silene acaulis on limestone (Dachstein, Styria, 2800 m).
Black alpine cushion rendzina
below Saxifraga rudolfiana on limestone (Hochkönig, Salzburg, 2700 m, Austria).
Watercolor images XVI Typical terra fusca (limestone brown loam) below beach forest on limestone (Southern Wienerwald, Austria). Sialllitic terra rossa (limestone-red loam) below xerophytic top flora, in the picture Ptilotrichum spinosum and Festuca hystrix on limestone. Summer aspect (Valencia, Spain).
Watercolor images XVII Bleached braunlehm (in the picture Betic gelblehm, an Andalusian local variety) below Rhododendrum baeticum and Quercus suber on siliceous sandstone. Slightly bleached rotlehm relict soil on clay schist below Cistus laurifolius (Sierra Morena, Puerto de Despeñaperros, Spain).
Watercolor images XVIII Eutrophic (Centro-European) Braunerde below beech forest on basaltic lava (Paulusberg, Burgenland, Austria). Oligotrophic (Centro-European) Braunerde below mixed forest on sandstone shale (Admont, Styria, Austria).
Watercolor images XX Eupodsolic brown earth (eumorphic semipodsol) on mountain pasture with Crocus nudiflorus (on quarzite schist) (Cordillera Cantábrica, 1400 m, Asturias, Spain). Stesopodsolic brown earth (stesomorphic semipodsol) below beech forest with bilberry shrubs on chlorite schist (Freyenthurn, Klagenfurt, Carintia, Austria).
Watercolor images XXI Krauss Pseudogley below sprice forest; thickets of Aira flexuosa on weathering sediments of sandstone (Elbesandsteingebirge, Germany). Molken-podsol under sproce forest with cranberry and bilberry bushes on moraine (Serfaus, Tyrol, 1888 m, Austria).
Watercolor images XXII Humus-podsol on dune sands under Calluna heather with two ortstein layers (Bh1-Bh2) followed by a series of ortsteinbands (Dorum, Bremen, North Sea cost, Germany). (Asturian) Iron-humus-podsol under grassy heath with Erica ciliaris under oak and chestnut tress on silicious sandstone (Cordillera Cantábrica, 300 m, Asturias).
Watercolor images XXIII Iron-podsol under pine forest (Pinus silvestris) on moraine (Heinavesi, Finland). Northern Nanopodsol (Northern dwarf podsol) under tundra forest with Betula nana and Cladonia rangiferina on syenite (Petsamo, Finnish Lappland).