Diffuse Pollution Group

Diffuse Pollution Group

Our activity focuses on achieving a better understanding of the vulnerability of continental water resources and aquatic ecosystems to diffuse pollution through an interdisciplinary and transversal approach (global change–water resources–agroecosystems). Our research is framed in the following Sustainable Development Goals: Goal 6 (availability and sustainable management of water), goal 13 (climate change) and goal 15 (sustainable management of terrestrial ecosystems) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (UN Economic and Social Council).

The group is focused on the following topics:
  • Development of new diagnostic tools within the GIS environment to assess groundwater vulnerability to nitrate pollution from diffuse sources and to improve the nitrate vulnerable zones designation criteria.
  • Spatial modelling of N and P compounds from diffuse sources and multivariate analysis of their environment according to a source-pathway-receptor approach. Effects of diffuse pollution on water resources quality and biodiversity.
  • Characterisation of nitrogen and phosphorous compounds leaching in the vadose zone. The role of land use and the physical environment.

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