Materials Characterization

Materials Characterization

The characterization of different types of materials is carried out, establishing both the composition and the determination of certain physical and chemical properties. For this purpose, the samples are studied by Differential Thermal Analysis - Thermogravimetric (DTA-TG), Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), Porosimetry and Specific Surface Analysis by Gas Adsorption (SS-PDF) and X-Ray Diffraction Analysis by the polycrystalline powder method (XRD).

The service has a Philips X'Pert MPD diffractometer in theta-2theta configuration, material and means necessary to separate the clay fraction, SETSYS 16 analyzer from SETARAM with alumina cane and alumina and platinum crucibles for heating up to 1600 ºC, SHIMADZU FTIR-8400 infrared spectrophotometer, which records the absorption spectrum in the mid-infrared zone between 400 and 4000 cm-1, QUANTACHROME AUROSORB-1 equipment with helium as carrier gas and nitrogen as adsorbent gas.

  • Determination of the crystalline composition and percentage of amorphous in solid sample (XRD).
  • Determination of crystalline and amorphous silica in air according to the "Method of membrane filter / X-ray diffraction" of INHST standard MTA/MA - 056/A06.
  • Separation and analysis of the clay fraction of soils. (XRD, FTIR)
  • Determination of adsorbed moisture and water of crystallization. (DTA-TG)
  • Determination of phase transition temperature and chemical decomposition in inert environment with enthalpy calculation or in synthetic air atmosphere. (DTA-TG)
  • Determination of functional groups in organic and inorganic compounds, solids, liquids or emulsions. (FTIR)
  • Determination of specific surface and porosity distribution according to various distribution functions (SS-PDF)

Services are provided to researchers from the ICA, other CSIC centres, universities and other public research organisations, as well as to companies.

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